Brand Identity development for Brazil’s biggest lifestyle mobile gaming company.

To better understand LOUD’s vision we immersed ourselves into the segment to better understand the gaming world and align our repertoire of perceptions with the strategic goals of the company’s business model: How Mobile Gaming, Music and Apparel relate to each other in order to generate brand awareness.

From the data crossing between the brand’s behavior facing the gamer audience, we examined the vast repertoire of the segment: from gamer culture to visual styles practiced by YouTubers, to understand the assets that the brand would generate in order to create brand recognition. In this brand identity design project, we considered the “Hype” aspect set by the brand team, as the tactic for brand awareness is based on a voluminous flow of information and consistency throughout all channels.


Given the concept of flow, dynamism and especially the name of the brand, we created a visual narrative that expresses Loud as a brand that “makes noise”. We bring intensity to all elements of the identity: we chose a very bright green tone, with strong vibration on screens and in the typography selection, we used Labil Grotestk for its source of variable letters in movement/displacement, shaping a few letters as “italic” between regular ones. Considering the name, we developed a logotype that does not mix or characterize itself in relation to the theme, like other gamers and teams in the segment that are overly themed or even decorative.

For the logotype, to produce a more “symbolic” signature for avatars and small signature practices, we extract the “D” from the logotype to assimilate with the “play” sign and also a “forward arrow”. This choice is reflected in the motion design, where the “D” brings the logo in motion. The production of textures and patterns for the brand also followed the concept of flow, agitation and transformation.​​​​​​​


After almost a year since its launch, LOUD’s internal team has accomplished the consistency goal to reach clear differentiation in the main communication platform of the brand (Youtube) among other gamers, teams and fans.

With a less childish nature, LOUD emerged as a professional brand for gamers and fans (beyond the mobile scene), quickly reaching its audience. With identity unification among their players – that consistency soon took them to reach and beat the 1 million followers mark very quickly, as of the date we publish this project, LOUD is reaching the 30 million combined subscribers/followers mark on social media and beginning to launch their apparel line with their first drop.

This early January 2020, LOUD won their first title as they were crowned FreeFire America’s Cup Champions.

Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Design Direction: Rodrigo Francisco
Research & Strategy: Luis Feitoza
Design Development: Caio Kondo, Eduardo França, Luis Feitoza, Rodrigo Francisco, Felipe Carneiro
Motion Design: Eduardo França