Goiás Esporte Clube


Branding Project for Goiás Esporte Clube focused on Brand Positioning and Brand Identity Design.


Goiás Esporte Clube, since its foundation, became more than a soccer club. Today, above all it is seen as a representation of the state’s people, the expression of a culture, a manifestation of a behavior that grew and made itself into the largest club of Brazil’s center east region. Besides everything that upholds, it’s a pride for its origin and it’s the entire history of achievements. However for each victory to be celebrated not only in the field, it was need for the brand and all sports practiced within the club to be united under the same reasoning, with the same goals, and speaking the same language. This was our mission, to bring integrity to the most diverse brand touchpoints and promote substantiated branding with unified speech and goals, organizing and making effective the brand connection with each and every one of its stakeholders in order for the brand to maintain coherency.

Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Creative Direction

After understanding all this volume of information carried by the perception of all its target audience, we unified it all through a brand platform, the way Goias E.C. is perceived and how it wants to be perceived, matching the image of the brand with the positioning in which the Goias E.C. wishes to be recognized. Through a study of archetypes, we elaborated the main attributes of the brand and, with the use of brand manifests and other verbal narratives, we organized them in a brandbook containing all the systematization of brand positioning and strategy.


Revive the club’s origins and prepare the brand for the future, through a cohesive and historically driven Brand Identity design process.

13th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennal – Branding
13th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennal – Identity System
Behance – ‘Best of’ Feature
Project Management: Rodrigo Francisco, Braz de Pina
Design Direction: Rodrigo Francisco
Research & Development + Brand Strategy: Frank Michael, Luís Feitoza
Design Development: Rodrigo Francisco, Murilo Pascoal, Verônica Sauthier
Website Design: Verônica Sauthier
Quantitative Research: Anderson Santos Gonçalves, Carla Matias, Mario Rodrigues Neto
Mascot Illustration: Elson Souto
Motion: Eduardo França
Goiás Esporte Clube
Executive President: Sérgio Gabriel Rassi
Vice President: Marcelo Almeida, Isvami Vieira Júnior
Marketing Manager: Monara Marques


Entertainment & Sports, Technology