Greatness is an act of intention

Impacting the city landscape 
consciously begins with embracing it’s complexity and creating the scenario for evolution

The Serén project emerged after the need to position itself in the market, and at the request of the company’s management for strategic deepening. The critical moment of understanding the differentials that the company already had, added to the new expectations of the high-end property market, led to the translation of Serén’s latent strengths.

By balancing the Board’s perceptions with the lenses promoted by strategic research, the new positioning emerges as a response to tomorrow’s consumer, allowing Serén to be at the forefront of the market for decades to come.

Reason and momentum;

More than just urban solutions, you need to understand all the perspectives of a development. The city, is a living organism and that’s how Serén works.

Discussing buildings is not part of the brand; it focuses its energies on reimagining them, allowing each to find its own highlight, evolving from its research into technology and behavior.

Elevating the discussion is a mere consequence of the skills that Séren brings to its approach; and by understanding its complex impact on the urban panorama, the creative impute had the duty to translate and synthesize these forces into elements and words that reach such a level.

Chance is an event, Serendipity is a capacity” - Paul Flory / Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1974

Contrary to common understanding of the word

Serendipity has it’s meaning tied to lucky encounters. That is gorgeous to think of — but if we look closer in the context of great achievement, from Archimedes to Fleming, we start thinking otherwise. No great achievement was an act of luck, those individuals brought years of work and the capability to see bridges where others couldn’t.

That is what it means for Séren.

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A generative city volume

The city is a living, rationally irrational being. Through generative 3D Design we sought to create a representation of the city’s complexity in an ever evolving state of flux.

An act of planning, strategic insight and an ever evolving way of doing things:

Renato Tadeu | Séren Partner

“The partnership with BR/BAUEN has been a long-standing one.<br /> We carried out a four-hand job, where we ended up with material with a lot of depth and personality.<br /> Incredible work, congratulations on your delivery and commitment all the time."

Stratey & Design Direction
Rodrigo Francisco
Research, Strategy & Tone of Voice
Antônio Dellatore, Rodrigo Francisco
Brand Design Development
Ted Oliver, Rodrigo Francisco
3D Design & Motion
Ted Oliver, Eduardo França, Felipe Vargas
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Felipe Vargas
Luís Feitosa
Raglan Typeface
Marinus Klinksik​​​​​​​
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Alair Júnior
Fabiano Almeida
Paulo Carneiro
Renato Leal 
Neiva Coelho
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