Giulietta Fogo & Vino


Based in São Paulo and created by Chef Rodolfo de Santis, Giulietta borns from the chef’s desire to go beyond the barbecue approach already widespread in Brazil. The intention was to base on and reproduce Italian typical cuts (an unprecedented focus in São Paulo), without restricting to cattle cuts and proposing an authorial approach, which DNA was primarily nonconforming and mutant. Through this line of reasoning we understand that the identity and all its elements should be a reflection of this rupture with the standards proposed by the chef.


During the process, it was clear the “out of law” archetypal position present in the brand. We understood that we could not create a visual identity with what is expected: a logotype, symbol, and common accessory elements. The path chosen was to create a work that summed the chef’s uneasiness to create a new house, an artistic element with enough strength that would be identified even without the logotype next to it. With that in mind, we created a pencil illustration of a chimera, composed by 4 animals: Pig, Ox, Chicken and Fish. Illustrated carefully with a dark and mysterious finish, the illustration can be accompanied by the logotype composed by the Harbour font, chosen by its characteristics that breaks from what is expected from the pen path contrast in blackletter typography.

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13ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico.
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