Allnorth is a multidisciplinary engineering and technical services consulting company, servicing clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Pulp & Paper, Power and Chemical sectors. With offices across Canada and the U.S., They provide a single point of contact for clients looking for smart and practical solutions to their project needs.


We had a great responsibility to dissect and understand the Allnorth to make its essence tangible. Based on all pre-principles established by Allnorth, we developed a precise and comprehensive project to accompany the company in its growth around the world with a strong identity to be recognized internationally. From functional principles to philosophical concepts, we order in a graphic design a full line of brand experience.


It was a complex project, based on all of the principles pre-established by Allnorth.

With such responsibility in hand, the work started by dissecting the brief and understanding it deeply, to the essence of the Brand.

The initial concept of the symbol, was in a way to represent the company’s name directly, working with its philosophical significate, where everyone seeks to find its north, whether in life or in navigation, the North is a reference point, and Allnorth offers All of North. The thoughts for the symbol’s construction are vast and among them, are the following inspirations: Everything comes from a compass; a sign that represents the union between the Client and Allnorth; an arrow that represents the initial of the name, and indicates North. The outcome is a symbol of extreme simplicity, after all, we are “Clean & Uncomplicated VS Cluttered and Busy”.

Creative Direction
The Symbol

We based the symbol in a way to represent the company’s name directly, working with its philosophical meaning, in which everyone tries to find its north, the time in life or navigation, the North is a reference point, and Allnorth offers this north.

The thoughts for the construction of the symbol are vast and, among them, the following inspirations are: Everything comes from a compass; a signal representing the union between the client and the Allnorth; an arrow represents the initial name and indicates “North “. The result is a symbol with extreme simplicity, after all, we are ” Clean & Uncomplicated VS Cluttered and Messy”.

Brand Central

We developed a Brand Central to make it easier for Allnorth to understand and handle the identity throughout the whole company.

Having an online version of a company’s Brand Identity Guide is an option that has been greatly used, and among that need, we developed one for Allnorth.

In it, we made available for download everything related to the new brand identity, from corporate signatures to color instructions, stationary material, digital presentation templates, internal document templates and corporate typeface instructions. There are also corporate documents that go from Corporate Profiles to Service and Sectors Summary of Qualifications. All the content is private and accessed through a password.

Peter Holst –
Marketing Department
Michael Oldewining and Gillian Roy
10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennal
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