SuiGeneris is Bronze at the Brasil Design Award 2022 🔥

This Monday (05/12), the Brasil Design Award 2022 awards ceremony took place.

We had the pleasure of attending to following and participating in this Brazilian Design party. This time it was a little different: we were awarded for the first time with a pro bono project.

In 2021, @risodoabismo was selected in a public notice under the Aldir Blanc Law to support culture. The resources were used to produce a benefit live to raise money for cultural workers; the backstage, the grease!

Faced with that unprecedented moment, SUI GENERIS (unique of its kind; original, peculiar, singular) was the perfect title for the narrative that guided the entire creative process.

To create the visual language, the main reflection was around the singularity inherent in imperfection, chaos and disaster; and how to portray this by creating a connection with the universe around musical events.

The conclusion was simple: the glass, always related to the moment of communion with music, was far from being half full or empty.

After many of them were broken, the irony of the process showed us that to find the perfect, harmonious and beautiful pieces; It wasn’t enough to let the glasses fall, it was necessary to calculate and repeat each blow to exhaustion.

Here’s our thanks to the award winner and the jury!

Direction and Design:

@rodrigofrancisco / @luisfeitoza


Vinilla ( @plaudesign / @floradecarvalho )